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DVD Mailers and Video Mailers

DVD Mailers and Video Mailers

DVD Mailers and DVD Packaging from will protect DVD's and video cassettes during shipment. We offer Corrugated Cardboard DVD Mailers and Bubble Mailers that hold single or multiple DVD's. **Please note, photo shown is stock photo, please read individual item description for actual specs

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EDCM   DVD Case Mailers (Holds 1-4), Self-Sealing 50 $30.05  
MEB00030-R   6" x 10", #0, Kraft Bubble Mailers (self-sealing): Holds One DVD snugly 150 $28.39  
MEB00040-R   7-1/4 x 12", #1, Kraft Bubble Mailers (self-sealing): Holds One or Two DVD's 100 $22.10  
MEB00050-R   8-1/2 x 12", #2, Kraft Bubble Mailers (self-sealing): Hold up to Three DVD's 100 $25.24  
VCM   Video Cassette Mailer, Self-Sealing 50 $35.00  

Our line of DVD Mailers and DVD Packaging is one of the fastest growing product lines we offer. We offer two basic types of DVD Mailers: Corrugated Cardboard and Bubble Mailers.

Our Corrugated Cardboard DVD Mailers come in many styles. A popular Cardboard DVD Mailer is EDCM. This mailer is unique because you can ship either 1, 2, 3, or 4 DVDís at a time in the same mailer. This is possible because the mailer has multiple ďscoresĒ (creases) that allow the mailer to have multiple depths. This mailer also features a convenient self-sealing and pull-tab opening feature.

A different option when shipping DVDís are our Bubble Mailers. We offer three sizes of bubble envelopes that will accommodate DVDís in cases. Please keep in mind that a single DVD will fit into our item number MEB00030-R, but it does fit snugly.

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