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Stretch Wrap & Shrink Wrap

Stretch wrap is used to secure cardboard boxes on a pallet during shipment. The elasticity of the film holds the load tight. Shrink Wrap is used when wrapping a single item or product such as CDís, DVDís, or gift baskets. A heat gun is used to heat the film which causes it to shrink around and seal the product.

Hand Film, Blown Hand Film, Blown
Hand - Blown (Heavy Duty) Hand - Blown (Heavy Duty)
Hand - Blown (Micron) Hand - Blown (Micron)
Hand Film, Cast Hand Film, Cast
Economy Extended Core Film Economy Extended Core Film
Machine Film, Blown Machine Film, Blown
Machine Film, Cast Machine Film, Cast
Bundling and Banding Film Bundling and Banding Film
Black Stretch Wrap Black Stretch Wrap
Color Tinted Stretch Wrap Color Tinted Stretch Wrap
Stretch Film  Dispensers Stretch Film Dispensers
Polyolefin Shrink Film Polyolefin Shrink Film

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