Superior Resistance Against Impact & Vibration

Protect Your Products From Transportation Damage With the Best Quality Cushioning & Void Fill. Available in a Variety Of Materials, Shapes & Sizes!

While there are some products, such as books or printed catalogs, that do not require the use of any inner packaging, most items require the use of some type of protective material in addition to the outer package. To preserve your shipment from damage, make sure to invest in top-quality cushioning and void fill. No matter if what you are packing is small, large, fragile, or in a weird shape, add an additional protection layer around your items and ensure they safely arrive at the desired destination.

Package Cushioning FAQs - Do You Need Cushioning in Your Package?

Yes. Package cushioning protects the contents of your package from damage during transit by providing a buffer between the item and any bumps or impacts that may occur during shipping. Various cushioning materials are available, from foam, bubble wrap, and bubble rolls to air pillows and void fill. Choosing the right cushioning for your package will depend on a few factors, such as the item's fragility and the shipping method used. Ultimately, investing in quality cushioning products can help ensure that your packages arrive at their destination in good condition.

What Is the Best Cushioning Material?

Foam rolls and paper rolls are two of the best cushioning materials for ensuring that items arrive at their destination undamaged. Foam rolls provide reliable protection with their shock-absorbing properties, while paper rolls offer eco-friendliness and flexibility. Paper sheets can also be used to wrap each item for added protection.

What Are the Different Types of Cushioning?

One popular option is foam, which can be shaped to fit snugly around fragile items. Another is bubble wrap, which provides a layer of air between the item and the outside world. Paper rolls & void fill are also a common choices for box cushioning, as they can fill empty space, protect glass or delicate items, and absorb shock. Ultimately, the best shipping padding will depend on the specific contents of the package as well as the duration and conditions of the journey. But no matter which material you choose, it's important to invest in quality shipping cushioning products.