Mailing Tubes

Strong Mailing Tubes That Keep The Contents Intact

Cardboard Mailing Tubes Available In A Variety Of Colors, Shapes & Closure Types.

Mailing tubes and cardboard tubes are a great way to ship posters, blueprints, artwork, calendars, documents or any other long, narrow item. They are made with thick chipboard walls and will protect your shipments from bending and folding during shipment. We offer different closure types (end caps, snap-seal, or telescoping) and a variety of colored mailing tubes.
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Tube End Caps

Starting at $10.76

Corrugated Tubes

Starting at $1.05

Telescoping Tubes

Starting at $68.58

Snap Seal Tubes

Starting at $21.77

Colored Tubes

Starting at $30.17

Heavy Duty Tubes

Starting at $34.41

White Tubes

Starting at $22.54

Kraft Tubes

Starting at $23.61

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