Strong, Safe & Durable Sealing Method

Tapes & Tape Dispensers In A Variety Of Materials, Adhesive Types & Materials!

If you take the time and care to utilize the proper inner and outer packaging, but use a sealing method that fails, your package will ultimately fail as well. Therefore, properly sealing your package is just as important as the packaging itself. By far, the most popular sealing method is tape. We have tapes for any number of uses: from adhesive tapes for sealing boxes and cartons to Strong & Sticky tapes. 3M packing tapes, as well as masking tape, duct tapes, and filament tapes for a variety of uses. Specialty tapes include reinforced strapping tape, paper tape, and label protection tape. Choose the one you need and secure your storage boxes or shipments with durable and strong tapes that meet all regulations.